Day 1,522 – Thankful for a Solid Sequel, Ready Player Two

I usually keep to my reading order of business / self improvement, fiction, biography. This triad of books styles helps me stay balanced and focused on learning new things, seeing how others have applied them, and then zooming out to see the ideas in action in the vacuum of fiction. I totally skipped that order and jumped right into a new one on Tuesday and just finished it up today.

I was a huge fan of Ready Player One after some friends recommended it to me a while back. The story is filled with so many of the ’80s pop/nerd culture that I grew up with. Almost each page brought back some great memories for me. I still remember where I was when I read it the first time (listening on audio) and can tell you where I was waling during many of the parts. The book was right up my alley and one of my favorites.

On Monday night I hopped onto Audible to see which book I should fire up next. Usually I stick with my wishlist and pull one from there, but I opted to check out the New Releases section for a moment. When I started scrolling through I couldn’t believe my eyes… Ready Player Two was being released the next morning! Without a moment of hesitation I set it up to auto download as soon as it dropped.

Sometimes sequels aren’t so good. Maybe I should phrase it differently? usually sequels are terrible. I was a little nervous at first but then that fear quickly abated as I dove in.

I’m guessing many haven’t read it yet so I’ll be careful to avoid any spoilers. Long story short, it was a fun story and a very entertaining read just like the first. The characters are the same and everything flows very well. Most importantly, there’s a ton of the ’80s and ’90s nerdy Easter eggs that endeared the first book to me. Wow, I really wish I could write more about it! Do us both a favor and read the book so we can talk about it, okay?


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