Day 1,521 – Thankful for My Newest Nephew, Cooper Nicholas

My little brother and my sister in law had about the best possible Thanksgiving present possible today – a little seven pound bundle of adorable awesomeness, Cooper Nicholas!

The day has been filled with many things I’m grateful for. I’ve had a lot of time with family. Becky made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. There was plenty of physical activity including time on my bike and a family walk. Dominic put up Christmas lights. Gavin found joy in exercise after initially thinking he didn’t want to. I got some time to work on a couple of woodworking projects. We had a supper of pie. Family game night is now being followed up with the first Christmas movie of the year, Elf. It’s been a solidly wonderful day all the way through.

All that said, the safe delivery of my newest nephew is by far and away what I am most grateful for today. Our family has grown by one. The smile on my little brother’s face on FaceTime to give us our first view of little Cooper was absolutely priceless. The joy that little Cooper has brought to him and his family already is pretty awesome!

Of all the things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day Cooper reminds me of what is the most important thing in world today – family, love, health, and joy. Thank you little Cooper dude for brightening the day for me and so many today! I’m totally looking forward to spoiling you in the future, kind of like your dad does for my boys.


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