Day 1,520 – Thankful for a Thanksgiving Eve Tradition, Pies by Grant

There are many different holiday traditions in our family. Today marks one of the most delicious ones!

For the past few years my friend Grant has been making very tasty pies for all of his teammates – including me! The week prior to the holiday I look forward to the question, “Which type would you like this year?” Each year I’ve gone with same response, though each year he has a few different options for us to choose from. Pumpkin pie cheesecake… ahh…

On Thanksgiving Eve Grant brings in a pile of pies and leaves them at each of our desks. Talk about an incredible way to start the morning! This morning was an added bonus… he had an extra pie! Pumpkin pie cheesecake for breakfast? Why yes, I think I will. It partnered wonderfully with my coffee.

After supper we ate half of the pie – the other half has a bonus couple of hours to survive before it’s devoured later this evening. All of the sound around the table was the same… the sound of eating followed by groans of enjoyment and chased with comments like “that’s amazing!”

Grant, thank you so much for an awesomely delicious Thanksgiving Eve tradition dude!!! My entire family appreciates it greatly and are grateful for the awesome treat. Thanks for an excellent dessert and a great friendship!

Is it wrong that even though I’m full I’m getting very tempted to go back for another bite? 😉


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