Day 1,503 – Thankful for Carving Out Moments of Stillness

The past week and change has been filled with much life. There’s a lot going on in many different directions. There’ve been many things to do and take care of. As I spent time to write my mind can almost feel like it’s been drowning in thoughts and action from the past week or so.

Much of the action has been positive. Many things I am thankful to have prioritized for many reasons. I’m grateful for having done each of them. That said, I’m feeling a bit wore down and tired. Good thing I’m taking some time off in the near future to re-charge!

What’s been extremely helpful over the past few days has been carving out little pockets of solitude. In those moments it is just me and my thoughts. I’m able to close my eyes, breathe, and just be. Those moments have allowed me time to process all the other action from the past week and relax.

Yesterday it was putting in my headphones, listening to some beautifully chill classical music and going for a walk. On that walk I was blessed to see the sunset below. No one else, no conversation, only me existing in the moment, taking in the present, and taking time to myself.

This afternoon it was taking time to lay on my bed, turn on my breathing practice audio, and then breathe. For 20-ish minutes I was able to shut off everything in my life except my own breath in the moment. By the time I was finished I felt more relaxed and calm.

Now as I blog I return to my typical moment of solitude. Pausing to spend time alone, processing the day, and workmen through my thoughts. I type as I listen to more wonderful music, hear the wind chimes in the background, and enjoy the breeze in my hair as I sit on the deck. In this moment there is only peaceful, relaxing, and re-energizing solitude.

If I were not careful I would easily burn myself out by staying in constant motion. By carving out time to breathe, think, and exist alone I’m able to re-fill and continue to strive to be the best me I can live into.


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