Day 1,504 – Thankful for an Inspiring News Article – One of My Newest Heroes, Chris Nikic

Becky shot me a text this morning on a news article she thought I’d enjoy. With all the news intake I’ve had over the past week I paused for a moment before reading it. Due in part to a significantly higher than normal intake of news last week I saw my resting heart rate increase last week. My plan this week was to shut it all down and take the week off from all news to help myself reset.

As soon as I saw the title I realized that this was the exception to make, without a doubt. After I read it I couldn’t help but wonder if I need to find a steady stream of news like this instead.

Chris Nikic shows off his training plan for Ironman Florida.
Chris Nikic shows off his training plan for Ironman Florida. (Courtesy of Nikic family)

Long story short – read the article. What Chris accomplished is a mind-blowing feat in of itself, let alone for someone with the additional challenges he had to face. Chris willed himself to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles all within seventeen hours. Oh yeah, and that’s after he had surgery to repair a hole in his heart, repeated ear surgeries, and having to use a walker when he was three.

There are so many lessons any of us can learn from this story. Not allowing others to dictate what we can or cannot do. The power of writing a dream on paper. The ability of grit to carry us to our dreams. How to plan and then adapt in order to reach something that seems just out of reach.

Chris – thank you for the additional inspiration dude! You are truly a hero and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to hear your story. Best of successes in achieving all of your future dreams!


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