Day 1,500 – Thankful for Unseasonably Awesome November Weather and a Day Full of Levity

After a handful of more weighty topics over the past week and change something more lighthearted seems like the right way to go for tonight’s gratitude.

How about that weather today? If every November day were like this it would really be something! We took full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather in a few ways today. Over lunch I got a nice couple of mile walk in. Right after work we went out for another couple of mile walk. Supper? Why not eat outside on the deck when the weather is this nice? Sitting on the deck under the lights in a sweatshirt and shorts was pretty awesome. All day long the opportunity to enjoy the sun and heat kept me smiling.

There were so many other random moments throughout the day that I was greatly thankful for, and many added a wonderful levity to my day. The random memes from so many different friends had me laughing often. Hanging out with friends on Zoom was relaxing and fun. Taking time to examine a crazy goal was enlightening. Many conversations involving laughter throughout the day. Celebrating the successes of teammates was awesome! Waking up early, getting my bike trainer ride in, doing my breath work, and then following up with a cold shower to start the morning jolted my body into an alert and energized state. So much to be thankful for today!

Pretty straight forward and simple today. Grateful for the time in the present, the smiles, time in thought, and time with loved ones. How perfect of a day is that?


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