Day 1,499 – Thankful for the Test

Living into a stoic mindset is so simple when life is easy. Many of the ideas and concepts get measured against past experiences or imagined events. The lessons are learned but maybe not quite as embedded. It becomes so easy to see the future successes and the ease with which ones takes on an imagined dragon. So simple, so foolish.

When are lessons truly learned? When is progress really made? The true growth happens in the test.

Hypotheticals are easy. Being tested shows how much has sunk in and has become a part of us.

Throughout the past 48-ish hours it seems like test after test after test have provided opportunities for me to practice my practice. As wave after wave have crashed on the shore I’m continuing to smile and be thankful.

The test. This is where I grow. This is where I am me. I am thankful for each of these moments. They are an appreciated opportunity to prove to myself that I am focused on becoming the me I should be.

Last weekend one of my friends asked me how I blog when I am frustrated or things aren’t going well. Dude, this is totally one of those times. I dial up the gratitude for the opportunity to be tested. I ask myself the same question over and over, “What can I learn from this?” I am truly grateful for the test, I am appreciative of the opportunity to prove to myself that I am truly grateful, focused on the present, and am ready to make the best of whatever challenge is thrown my way.

The test. This is my time to grow. The struggles are there, there will be discomfort, but I will appreciate them as they are signs of growth and my ability to persevere.

I am grateful for the test.


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