Day 1,501 – Thankful for Grilling On the Deck, Eating Supper On the Deck, and Grocery Shopping On the Deck In November

Today’s been a pretty epic day for a variety of reasons. The morning run was capped with philosophical conversation and eye catching views of the moon halo. My mind was stretched in several different ways through work (in very good ways). There was an excellent client meeting that should lead to future success. A few hours were spent working with new-ish teammates and they’re making tremendous progress. I’m spending time with Becky and Gavin playing games while we listen to the sound of Dominic playing with his friends online. So many funny memes and texts with friends throughout the day. Life is great!

What really felt amazing was the amount of time spent on the deck in early November. I grilled under the lights. We ate supper on the deck and enjoyed the fresh air. Becky and I even went grocery shopping online while relaxing on the deck. Maybe it’s just me, but everything seems just a little better in the world when I’m outside on the deck. To have the opportunity to do that in early November is nothing short of extraordinary!


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