Day 1,462 – Thankful for Two of the Best Birthday Presents Ever, Feeling Loved and Awesome Memories

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes today! It seemed like they just kept rolling in all day long, one after another after another. I greatly appreciated reading each of them. Taking time to read each of them left me smiling as I thought of some of the great times I’ve had with each of you.

When I was young I remember looking forward to birthday presents. They were one of the best parts, if not the best part, of having a birthday. For one day you got a little more attention and some really cool stuff to boot. There was usually one gift I wanted badly and my parents always seemed to come through somehow. As I grew older the importance of a present has diminished and has been replaced by something much greater.

Throughout the day, from start to finish, I have felt loved. So many people help me feel that regularly, but today of all days it hits home with so much more intensity. People taking time out of their day to reach out and offer a “happy birthday” means they love me enough to take their most precious of resources, their time, and offer it up as a gift. How awesome is that? My heart is full from all that love today! Whether it was a text, a Facebook message, a phone call, a card, a post, or even a voicemail rendition of “Happy Birthday” the love just never stopped all day long. I’ll be sleeping with a huge smile tonight.

The other incredible gift I received from everyone today was the gift of awesome memories. In reading and listening to each birthday wish I took a moment to smile and think of the great times, experiences, and moments we’ve shared. My brain is blown thinking of all the incredible memories everyone has given over all the past 44 years of walking the earth. So many great moments, conversations, back stories, and adventures. I’m thankful for those experiences themselves as well as the memories of them that you brought back to the front of my brain tonight.

Thank you all so much for making this an incredible day. My heart is bursting with love and joy and I look forward to creating new memories while talking about the old ones as well.

All that said, I did get a pretty epic birthday present from Becky and the boys created by our friend Kelsey Lyons! How awesome is this???


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