Day 1,463 – Thankful for a Weekday Morning Hike and the Power of an Hour of Creation In the Workshop

Yes, yesterday was my birthday, but I had a lot going on at work and Becky had her infusion all day. Put those things together and today looked like a much better day to take off together!

After sleeping in a little (5am) I jumped on my bike trainer for a while and got a nice sweat going. We got the boys up and running so they were ready for their virtual school day. Once we knew they were good we hopped in the car and headed out to Perrot State Park. At first it felt weird and awesome to be out on the trail at 8am in the morning on a random-ish Tuesday, but the weird quickly disappeared in the smells of fall in the woods.

Spending time alone in the woods hiking was exactly what I needed after a busy day yesterday. Having time with no calls, texts, or emails while taking in the beauty of the drift less area was so peaceful. The fresh air was exactly what my soul needed as we walked up and down the bluffs. What a great way to kick off a day of playing hooky from work!

After supper I took advantage of some down time and spent about an hour up in my workshop. It’s been a little while since I’ve had some quality time up there and my hands and mind felt the urge to create something. There’s been an idea in the back of my head for a while for a box for a game Gavin and I play often. Without too much prep and planning I dove right in and went to town. The next thing I knew about an hour had flown by and I had the project competed. It felt great!

There’s a beautiful state of flow and serenity when I’m creating. Taking a raw material and transforming it into something useful. Funny how even a small period of time can bring such a state of calm and peace.


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