Day 1,461 – Thankful for Five Years of Daily Gratitude Practice

It’s crazy to think that five years ago, I made the decision to do something each day. The new habit I was going to start involved something that I wasn’t particularly fond of doing (writing) and was based on doing something that I hadn’t been practicing very well (gratitude). When I put the plan together I knew I had to find a way to beat one of my weaknesses – consistency. Next thing I knew I was writing my first blog post expressing my gratitude for something and sharing it for all the social medias to see.

The reason I started this process was because it felt like something was missing from my life. When I really boiled it all down I realized that the issue was a lack of gratitude for all the blessings I have in my life. My hope was that in writing about something I was thankful for each day it would force me to look on the bright side and actively search out gratitude. What I didn’t realize was what a profound impact this practice would have on my entire life.

On each of the past 1,827 days I’ve sat down in silence and stillness by myself to type. Some days have been pretty short and only take 5-10 minutes and others have taken over an hour. On average I’ve taken about 30 minutes to type my gratitude. Some days have almost written themselves and other have been brutal to write as I’ve stared at the laptop screen for what seemed like hours.

This daily practice has blown my mind on so many occasions. Through making time for gratitude like this my life I’ve lived the most joyful years of my life so far. I’ve learned so much about myself and have found ways to better love into the person I should be. While I started this as something for me I’ve been so excited to see the positive impact it has had for others at times. Taking time to sit in stillness has caused me to pause the busyness of life and take time to think.

Knowing that by the end of the day I’ll have to answer the question, “What am I grateful for today” helps me start my day actively


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