Day 1,460 – Thankful “Gap Sermons” and a Virtual Vacation to New Zealand

Sometimes the sermons and stories that hurt the most also help me grow the most.

There’s been an assortment of homilies at church that have caused me to squirm very uncomfortably in my pew as they hit much closer to home than I would hope that they would. In those moments I pause for a second and feel disappointed in myself. Then I remember that this is all a part of the journey of being a human. I dust myself off, take a deep breath, and then listen close to find the way to improve the shortcoming. With a specific story or example in mind I’m able to take action on working on myself. I loving call them “Gap Sermons” as they help me more clearly see the gap between who I am in that moment and I who I should be.

Tonight’s “Gap Sermon” reminded me to check my ego more often. Instead of focusing on the acts of others and getting frustrated or being judge I would be better served working on myself first. How do I live into the best version of me that I can be? That should be the biggest focus on fixing me first.

What’s got me thinking deeper is that I’m seeing how this would be a better way to help others potentially change their minds. Screaming, yelling, putting up huge signs (especially those with pictures of Trump as “Rambo”) will never change someone’s opinion. Living into the person I should be and modeling that life for others would be much more productive. Be an example for others, but to get there we need to become the right example first.

Over the next days and weeks this will be going through my head as I listen to my inner monologue… Am I focused on living my life in a better way or am I chastising or judging the actions of others as I see myself and/or my views as superior? If the answer isn’t the former I need to pause and check my ego.

Last night Becky and I had an impromptu “Virtual Vacation.” When writing my blog I wanted to find a picture that was fitting. In the search I went into my New Zealand vacation folder and found the pic. After writing was complete I started going through all of the pictures we took on our vacation to New Zealand almost three years ago.

In an instant Becky and I were reliving so many incredible moments and memories created with our family! My mind is blown with all that we crammed into two weeks and by the fact that we only explored less than 25% of the country. So many experiences we will never forget!

Sure, it’s been a bummer to not be able to head out on the vacations we’d planned for this year, but there’s nothing I can do about that. Taking a virtual vacation, even if it was only for thirty minutes was pretty awesome. All throughout last night and today my brain has gone back to some of those awesome memories and brought me great joy. I’m grateful for the virtual vacation last night, we might have to do that again sometime soon!


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