Day 1,430 – Thankful for Waking Up White & The Bucks Bold Decision

Becky recently recommended a book for me to read. I ordered it up on and have been consuming it. The book is Waking Up White by Debby Irving (you can check it out here).

My mind has been blown with new insights again and again and again. At seemingly every step of Debby’s interesting story I catch myself nodding my head in agreement. Several times I’ve started a thought based on the previous chapter and then the very next chapter reminds me to slow down because my idea was once the same as hers and then she realized she didn’t quite have it right. Her openness and humility are so welcomed as it helps me see that I am not alone in those thoughts. This is definitely a book that will stick in my mind and change my thought processes and actions for years to come.

The stories she shares has helped me start to get my head around what I’ve been missing as I think of race. I’ve always considered myself open minded, kind, and accepting of all types of people. This book has helped me see many things I’d never noticed or imagined and has left me shocked that such things still continue in the world. The true life stories break my heart and have helped me start to see what I’d been glossing over through much of my life. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone and would be happy to grab a cup of coffee and talk about it if anyone would like after they’ve read it.

Last night the Milwaukee Bucks made an incredibly bold decision. Instead of taking the court for their NBA playoff game last night they chose to boycott the game in the name of equality. Shortly after their incredibly bold move the NBA postponed all the games for that night, a couple of baseball teams did the same, as did others in the sports world.

If you disagree with their decision, that’s up to you. I’m not judging you or the viewpoint of Bucks. Each of us has an opinion, usually very deep seated, about a situation like the one in Kenosha. We won’t get into that here and that’s not exactly the point of my gratitude today.

What I am thankful for specifically is the guts and courage the Bucks showed in standing up for something they believe. How inspiring to see a group of people so willing to show their support for something that they are willing to choose taking a stand over doing something they love and are paid well for. They knew some people would disagree with them and they may lose some fans (I truly hope that number is very small to help keep my faith in mankind), but they did what they felt was right regardless. They had the guts to do the right thing. Bucks, kudos to you all. Thank you for reminding us that we should all be so bold! I can only hope to be so courageous and bold when fighting for something I believe in as well. Thank you for leading by example and showing how big of an impact a small group of people can make!


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