Day 1,429 – Thankful for Dominic!

Birthday season continues in our house with Dominic’s birthday today! How in the world have 15 years flown by so quickly? Looking back through all of the pictures of Dominic from the past years leaves me dropping my jaw for many reasons.

He’s grown so much, it’s crazy!!! Give him another year or so and he’ll be looking down on me, how wild is that?

The number of new hobbies and interests that Dominic has taken on over the past year has been impressive. In addition to his mad Cubing skills he’s added a handful of other activities to his repertoire including skateboarding, butterfly knives, boat driving, home improvements, and bicycle repairs. Did I mention his snowboarding? Even in the summer he’s put on his boots and board and has been out practicing on a blanket in the backyard!

This past year Dominic’s really grown into his own personality. I’m so appreciative of the depth of conversations we can get into and then quickly jump into humor and joking. His work ethic continues to shine and there’ve been several opportunities for his to continue growing his leadership skills. He’s maturing so rapidly and I’m so proud of the person he is growing into.

I went through all of the pictures from the past 366 days and found some great ones that really highlight many of the things I love and appreciate about Dominic and his personality – enjoy!

Dominic, happy birthday bud!!! Love you tons and I’m so proud of the person you’re continuing to grow into dude!!!


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