Day 1,428 – Thankful for Books Read by Everyone In the Family and Perfect Timing

I love when everyone in the family reads the same book. It’s so much fun being able to talk about the story and have everyone involved. Becky and Gavin just wrapped up Ender’s Game this week. Dominic and I read it a while back and both loved it. Over the past few days it’s come up in conversation more than a couple of times and I enjoy being able to talk about it and hear their takes on it.

What made this even more special was that I just happened to be in the room with each of them when they hit a certain part of the book. I won’t say anything more than that in case you haven’t read it, but if you read you already know exactly what I am talking about. How I happened to time it perfectly twice like that blows my mind! Hearing their reactions cracked me up and reminded me of when I read it a while back. So awesome!

I’m thinking we may have to figure out another book for all of us to read in the not too distant future again. It’s a little difficult finding one scratches each of our unique itches, but when it happens it’s pretty awesome.


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