Day 1,431 – Thankful for Jumping Right Back Into Conversations From Four Years Ago

One of my favorite things in the world is how my friends and I can jump into conversation after extended periods of time an not miss a beat. Tonight we did just that!

Through the magic of Zoom we were able to hang out while practicing good social distancing across three states. No agenda, no plans, just hanging out shooting the bull about whatever topic we happened to land on.

The funny thing is that on each and every topic we were repeating modernized versions of days gone by. At one point we started talking about something that reminded us of an almost exact conversation we had over four years ago.

Not from today, this was from four years ago… though the conversation was pretty much the same as back then 🙂

Somewhere a long time ago I heard someone offer a description of a friend being someone you can hang out with and not say hello or not say good bye, and jump right back into conversation when you get together the next time. That basically nails it with my friends and I. Time may impact everything, everything except the time we spend together.


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