Day 1,406 – Thankful for Being Focused on Finding Solutions & Awesome Coaches – Root Down Yoga & Pam

It can be so easy to focus on the obstacles we are all facing with COVID. Things are not normal. We aren’t able to do many of the things we love in quite the same way we used to. We aren’t able to readily hang out in person with the loved ones we’d like to spend time with like we could only five months ago. The gravitational pull towards the obstacle is so great sometimes. It takes a strong will and effort in order to stay positive and find a solution.

Isn’t it inspiring when you see people and businesses finding solutions instead of being frustrated? Their positive and optimistic spirit lift us all up and remind us to abandon negativity. They stop, think, and find a way to get back to a “new” form of normal. When I see someone persevere and create their own path like this I can’t help but pause and wonder think about the mental obstacles I cower at. How can I be like them and find a way to be successful? What do I need to look at just a little differently to find a way to create success? How can I muster up the positivity and optimism they used to push through and persevere?

And this is where I have to give huge kudos to Mandy, Nick and the entire Root Down Yoga Studio family.

Root Down is where Becky and I used to go somewhere between 1-2 times per week (depending on the boys’ activities during the week). Their heated studio was a place of deep serenity for us. A place we could have our yoga date nights. An opportunity to decompress after a long day of adulting. An awesome all around workout that left us a sweaty, yet very relaxed, puddle. A place where we made new friends and had fun interactions. A place of inspiration and deep thought. That heated area is a place in La Crosse we totally are in love with and can’t wait to get back to.

If you know Root Down even a little it’s no surprise that they have followed every guideline and best practice in order to keep everyone as healthy as possible. When there could no longer be classes indoors they pivoted and started offering an online class on the weekends that people could Zoom in for. They did that to keep cash coming in, right? Nope! They donate 100% of the class donations to local nonprofits across the area? How incredible is that? Becky gets her weekly yoga inside (I struggle to focus doing it in the house) thanks to Root Down’s willingness to find a way to continue. You can check out their next class at:

For the folks like me who struggle at home they started doing classes OUTSIDE at local parks. Very strict social distancing rules are in place at all times and the numbers of classmates are very limited (be sure to sign up early!). As someone living in a high risk household I haven’t for one second felt even remotely nervous being in those classes. Not only does it give me an opportunity to have yoga again it also blends so much of what we miss from being inside – interaction with the class and the teachers. Having a real life instructor coaching us from the front makes all the difference for me. For the 60 minute practice I don’t even know that COVID exists. It’s a very welcomed reprieve from all that’s going on in the world. It makes a huge impact on my emotional well being and I feel so much more relaxed after going.

I’m so thankful for Root Down’s willingness to stay positive, stay upbeat, and find a way to keep offering yoga. They inspire me to remember to find ways to create awesomeness when I run into an obstacle. Mandy, Nick, and the rest of the Root Down family – thank you for being such outstanding human beings and bringing joy to our lives!

I’d be remiss to not give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Pam. She’s been our instructor quite a bit recently and her coaching and instruction is AWESOME!!! Pam is always upbeat, outgoing, smiling, and so easy to talk with. One of the things I specifically appreciate is her willingness to push me past where I think I can go. There have been more than a few times when she’s helped me stretch further or hold longer than I normally would have. This evening she totally busted me dogging it and talked me into getting both legs straight up in the air doing tripod. Coaches who push us just past the edge of what we thought possible yet not so far that we fall are the best in the world. Pam – dude, thank so being such an awesome coach, a source of positivity, for smiling constantly, and for pushing me. I appreciate it greatly!


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