Day 1,407 – Thankful for Stillness to Reflect, a Busy Day of Building Towards Something Amazing, and Rekindled Relationships

Hmm… What am I thankful for today? My mind is kind of feeling like mush as it’s been kind of nonstop since I woke up this morning. The morning flew past in a turbulent confluence of phone interviews, prep, calls, brainstorming sessions, planning, and everything in between. The rest of workday kept up that breakneck pace as I plowed through a task list that seems to keep growing faster. That said, I really like where this is all leading to. We’ve got a handful of excellent things rolling that are going to be very awesome in a matter of a few weeks. It almost feels like the building pressure before a wicked summer storm… the pressure builds into a crescendo, hits hard, and then leaves the world more green, beautiful, clean, and cool. I just need to batten down the hatches (and sneak a few peaks at the strength of the storm to enjoy viewing its power) and know this is all for the one term good.

All that said, it’s been a fun day. After work we ate, ran to the grocery store and got everything done around the house. While I type this is the first time I’ve sat down and enjoyed the sound of quiet all day. After typing that sentence I just realized I sat here and just listened to the sound of the crickets for a moment or so. How relaxing to hear the sounds of nature through open windows while enjoying a moment of silence?

I know I’m rambling a bit here, but I think what I’m most grateful for today is taking the time to pause, think, reflect, and type my blog tonight. It’s a brief respite to stop and collect my thoughts.It’s time for me to process all that’s gone on today and put meaning to it, to draw meaning from it, and to learn from the day. These moments of peace are when my mind has the quiet to think and my soul has the serenity to be present. There are no demands on me or my time, the only task to complete is to consider the day and all the things I am grateful for in it. The sound of this quiet peace is a beautiful thing.

One other thing that I’m very thankful for today has started happening a little more and more often recently. Old friends and acquaintances have kind of come out of the blue to talk strategy and life. Each has been a very welcome addition to my day and I’m thankful for those rekindled connections. They inspire me to remember to utilize my time for the right things and to connect with people via real conversation instead of social media dialogue. Social media is easier, but conversation is better. In all cases it’s amazing how our dialogue flows right back into the same old rhythms, kind of like riding a bicycle. They’ve all added an extra touch of joy to my life and I grateful for them.

So there we have it, another day, more things to be grateful for. I’m so blessed to have this time to think and be, to have a life filled with busyness building towards some great things, and to reconnect with past colleagues.


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