Day 1,390 – Thankful for Air Conditioning, Yoga In the Rain, Gavin the Sous-Chef, and a Disjointed Day

Okay, I’ve gotta be 100% honest. My first gratitude today goes out to whoever created air conditioning. Wowza! It got to be quite the hot one today! Just letting the dogs out a little bit ago I felt like I ran into a wall when I went outside. The thickness in the air is incredible! Being able to sit inside and enjoy much cooler temps and less humid air is fantastic and something I’m very thankful for.

Becky and I had yoga outside this morning. When we were driving to the park we watched the dark clouds slowly move towards us across the horizon. We got set up in the park with the rest of the class and were about 5 minutes in when we saw the first flash of lightning. Another 10 minutes later and there was a flash much brighter that was followed by a very loud clap fo thunder. At that point class ended early and we all headed out. In the shortened version of yoga I was really impressed by how cool it was to do yoga outside with a storm rolling in. Normally I close my eyes when I’m in class on my back. This morning I kept my eyes open and it was a very relaxing experience to take in all that was around us. Sure, it was cut off early, but it was well worth it.

I had an awesome sous-chef helping me out with dinner tonight after church. Gavin jumped in to help me make chicken fajita quesadillas for the family. We did the chicken and fajita vegetables on the grill and then turned them into quesadillas in the oven (next time we’ll do the whole operation on the grill for added smoky flavor). Whatever I needed help with he jumped right in. There were a few times we did things together for him to learn them. Other times I let him make the call on how we would do something. All in all it was a lot of fun spending time cooking with him. I’m grateful for that extra time for the two of us to create things together.

Today’s been an interesting day. From start to finish it’s felt kind of disjointed. Not in a bad way or anything but it’s been one of those days when it seems like several days kinda fit into one. I don’t know that I ever really got into a state of flow that continued from one activity to another. Yoga to start the morning. A trip to print some stuff for Scouts next only to be unsuccessful due to a lightning strike. Out on the boat for a few hours and then back home. Run to the grocery store quick for a couple of items for supper. Shower up and start prepping supper. Head to church. Come home and cook supper. Get stuff done around the house. Play a couple of games with the boys. Now I’m blogging on the couch and everyone else is in bed. It’s felt very stop and go all day long.

Most days seems to have a very different feel. They transition more smoothly from one thing to another. Maybe it’s more structured, maybe the pace is faster, maybe there’s less going on. Whatever the case – those days seem to be taken for granted. Days like today when it seems a little out of harmony remind me to be thankful for the 90+% of other days that flow. Again, not a bad day or anything, just one that didn’t quite fit together. It was almost like I took pieces from four different puzzles and jammed them all together into one. As I think about it I’m also wondering what may have been different in my mindset to view the day that way. There’s probably something about the way I was looking at today that caused it to feel a little off. Regardless, it made me thankful for the smooth days.

Bed time for this guy! I’m thankful to be heading to a nice cool bedroom to lay down and get some sleep.


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