Day 1,391 – Thankful for Yesterday’s Disjointedness Leading to Today’s Smoothness

What a difference a day can make! Like I wrote twenty four hours ago, I felt like everything was just a little off yesterday. Not bad, just a little disjointed or off kilter. Today has gone back to a very chill state of flow even though there were some hiccups and changes throughout.

So what was the difference? Why was today so much more smooth?

One of the biggest game changers today was starting the morning off in nature doing physical activity and then spending even more time in nature doing physical activity in the afternoon. I’ve read much research on the impacts of being outdoors and on exercise on positivity and joy. When taken together I am pretty sure there’s an argument I could make that the impact triples or quadruples instead of simply doubling up. Our quiet bike ride this morning was so peaceful and allowed me time to get my head screwed on straight. Our hike this afternoon reminded me to stay in that right perspective. Physical activity and the outdoors? Yes please!!! Quick side note, I’m going to keep an eye on my down days and the amount of activity and outdoors time to see if there’s a stronger correlation than I thought.

Simplicity also had a huge impact. Most of what I did wasn’t crazy or super complex. It was very simple. For clarity, simple doesn’t mean non-productive, it was actually quite the opposite. I focused on taking each task one step at a time and took the simple first steps. There was also significantly less electronic time than in the past few days which also helped.

Flexibility and an open mind set was another helpful part of the day. When something changed I went with it. Gavin forgot his glasses and I have to drive to camp? No worries for this dude, just an unexpected 40 minutes of additional audiobook time. Screwed up when starting to cook supper? No biggie, we’ll eat supper a little before 4pm instead of after 5pm. The line for ice cream at The Pearl was ridiculously long? Thank you drive through at Culvers! Nothing quite went as planned, but instead of seeing it as a problem I saw it as a part of the terrain to work around. Kind of like our hike. The trail wasn’t smooth, some spots were closed. You don’t get frustrated, you just find a way to stay upright and moving forward.

Yeah, yesterday “felt” weird. Today went really well because of yesterday. I had time to reflect on why yesterday was a bit off and had some pretty good ideas. Today I was able to implement them and others and the result was a success. I am even more thankful for the disjointedness of yesterday, it helped create a much better today.


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