Day 1,367 – Thankful for a Sharing a Deep State of Serenity with My Family

Waking up and going for a peaceful walk alone by the shore of Lake Superior. Road tripping down country roads with almost no other traffic. Hiking trails as a family without distraction. Spending countless moments taking in the beauty nature provides in the form of waterfalls, forests, and rivers. Getting almost 300 feet above the world and taking in the sight through a unique perspective. Splashing in Lake Superior with no agenda. Enjoying the feel of sand in my toes and and the sun on my face on our private beach. Typing my blog while sitting outside looking through a small swale into the endless sea of the lake.

The rest of the world is a million miles away. All there is nearby is family and nature. Time alone. Time with family. Time talking. Time in thought. Time to dream. Time to be present in the moment.

Of all of the many blessings of today I think I’m most thankful for the deep state of serenity I’m sharing with my family. 2020 has been a crazy year already and has thrown many curveballs. Spending time in the wilderness with my family has been such a blessing. Sharing this experience of a deep state of serenity has been amazing.

It seems the boys are understanding that they can always find this state if they so choose. It’s out in the wilderness and forests and the water waiting for them whenever they need it. This level of peace, calm and presence isn’t to be found in technology or large crowds. It is most often found in the quiet places of our soul. Escaping to a place as visceral as this helps us find that presence so much more easily and adds a beautiful extra layer to it.

Sharing this deep state of serenity with my family (and because of my family) is priceless.


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