Day 1,368 – Thankful for Enjoying Every Last Minute of Vacation and Transcendent Vacation Thoughts

The last day of vacation is usually a kind of odd one. Often it’s that time to pack up, head home, and start getting back to reality. It’s a time when the transition to real life starts. So odd, isn’t it? Going from a state of total relaxation back to the stresses of reality. If I answered honestly it mostly likely always my least favorite or least memorable day.

Due to a variety of consequences today was very different from other last days of vacation. Instead of just heading home we decided to enjoy every ounce of family vacation time possible. We slept in a little. We drove a little and then got out on our bikes to explore some beautiful trails. Healthy lunch? Nope, half of it was ice cream – the same lunch we started with on Monday. All in all it had a very different feel than past end of vacation days.

This got my brain flowing in a few different directions this evening.

What if that beautiful feel of vacation was something I experienced daily? What if the end of the vacation transitioned into an insanely rewarding and stress free non-vacation time? Why do I feel the big difference between vacation and reality? How can I choose a reality more similar to vacation? How do I view the world differently during “real life” and why?

For clarity, I’m not saying always being on vacation, rather, how do I choose a life and mindset that transitions from vacation to a reality that doesn’t feel like gears grinding against each other? There’s something I’m missing, a subtle yet key change in perspective that could make a huge impact. More to think on for later.

Separately – yet very possibly very similarly – when I think of my favorite moments of vacation they are so simple in nature. They consist of no devices or electronics, very little equipment or specialized stuff, and are so simplistic in nature. The beauty of the outdoors. Enjoying the slow twist of bubbles in an eddy after a waterfall. Seeing a bright reddish orange toad. The look of being stunned by the beauty of nature on the face of my family. Such very simple things.

Between this time away and our recent camping trip I’m seeing more and more just how little I truly need. Why do I grasp onto the desire to have more? How could I bring that simplicity from vacation into my life more regularly? More purposefully?

Definitely more for me to consider over the next few days while it’s all still fresh in my head.


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