Day 1,366 – Thankful for Active Family Vacations

Dang, I am exhausted! My legs are in that beautiful rubbery state of recovery after a couple of days of heavy use. It’s that feeling after a great workout where it’s not enough to hurt, but enough to be uncomfortable, and helps me realize that I’ve pushed myself. What a great feeling!

The funny thing is that this is pretty much par for the course on a Kreiling family vacation. Many of the things we enjoy most as a a family include physical activity. Sure, we have the occasional down day, but even during those we tend to find ways to keep our bodies moving.

Today was a wonderful example of our type of normal. The morning started with an awesome hike to Mirror Lake and back. The trail was so peaceful as we got out before many others were out. There were some pretty gnarly stretches of uphills that got our heart rates up and the sweat dripping.

Afterwards we grabbed lunch at our rental place, showered up, and then headed out for a bike ride. We stumbled upon a sweet stretch of lightly populated and not heavily traveled road heading along the lake starting in Ontonagon. The long rolling hills weren’t quite what we were expecting but they added to the fun.

I thought we’d hole up and play some games, but instead we headed back outside for some stone skipping and then the boys hit the trampoline just to make sure they were completely worn out.

All totaled the day was a lot of physical activity. Yesterday was a lot of physical activity. Tomorrow? Not so much, but who knows, we tend to find a way to get some extra exercise in.

What I am most thankful for today is that the boys are seeing this as normal. They’re seeing the example of being physically active. Throughout the entirety of our hikes and bike ride I have yet to hear a single complaint about exercising (fighting with each other? That’s a whole different story!). I am so grateful for our ability to go on a vacation and find a way to truly enjoy being even more active than we would be at home. I know, some people probably find that really twisted, but it’s something that is very important to us. Many of the things Becky and I enjoy doing the most require physical activity to accomplish. Seeing that not only are we living it but that the boys are truly enjoying it as well fills my heart with joy.

I love our crazy Kreiling vacations and all their days full of activity. Tiring, but totally rewarding and I love it.


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