Day 1,360 – Thankful for a Larger Than Life Uncle

My heart is heavy at the loss of my Uncle Frank today, but it’s also been full of joy as I remember times spent with him. He’s helped to create some wonderful memories for me and my family.

Today my mind is continuing to be blown away by the positive impact Uncle Frank left on so many. So many people have shared stories and memories with Uncle Frank over the past few days. Whenever I open up my phone there are more Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and even new reports about him.

Each shared story and memory has several common themes. The overwhelming positivity and upbeat attitude. The way Frank gave so much of himself. His huge heart. The way he helped other people feel. His passion for the Packers. The loved he shared with everyone.

As the past week has gone on I can’t help but continue to be so grateful for a larger than life uncle. There is so much to learn from how he lived his life. The lasting positive impact Uncle Frank has left on so many continues to become more and more apparent.

A little over three years ago I wrote a blog post about Uncle Frank. When I read it today I couldn’t help but smile and see such more true the post was today than ever.

Uncle Frank, you’ll be greatly missed by many. You’ve left such a wonderful legacy that will live on in the memories of so many and inspired them to do the same.


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