Day 1,359 – Thankful for Adjusting My Mental Diet

Want to lose weight? When I dropped 60+ pounds I learned something very important. Exercise and calorie burn are a key component of weight loss. They pale in comparison to diet. I tried everything to fight this and prove it to be wrong. “If the engine is burning hot enough it’ll burn anything as fuel,” right? Nope. Not by a long shot.

When the pounds melted off and stayed off it was when I was fastidiously tracking my food intake. When the pounds have come back on it is usually when I’m not tracking anything. If I’m not focused on intake and tracking it my habits drift away from my goals and suddenly I find myself going backwards.

Yuck… Dieting… Gross…

One benefit of our current situation is a reduction in car time. It’s great, there’s more time to be productive AND more time to live. I’m finding there is a significant challenge to this change that I must work on.

If I’m in the car 12+ hours per week it’s easy for me to read via audiobooks and podcasts. My mental diet is usually very good. I eat my vegetables (some bland business related books and short thought based podcasts), enjoy my proteins (autobiographies and books by favorite authors), and even sneak in a dessert or two (a fun podcast and fiction). It’s very balanced and there is a consistency to it.

I haven’t been driving nearly as much and my diet has really gone to garbage. It’s not that my intake is of bad choices (I’ll avoid FoxNews and CNN like the plague), but rather I’m not consuming as much as I should be.

So that’s probably a little too extreme. It’s not really terrible. That said, it’s not where I want it to be. What I’m learning is what my reading “stable state” is currently. To use Becky’s research terms I’m finding that this “basin of attraction” has caused my “stable state” to change due to the “regime shift.” LOL – I still love the way she explained that part of her work, it really helps me see a visual of how we shift from one “normal” to another.

This is very much like my eating. I now know my stable state isn’t what I want it to be. My mental diet is not as healthy as I’d like it to be. Time to buck up and move it back to where I want it to be. Funny thing is that the term Becky would use for that is resilience. Both of the books I’ve read and am reading currently include Grit and Mindset. The focus of each? Essentially resilience. What did it take for me to lose weight (and accomplish several of the other goals)? Resilience.

I know I can do this and will get back to the mental diet I know I prefer. I just need to follow the steps I know will cause me to be successful: Set the goal, determine the lead measures to get me there, determine how to track my progress, and get to work. Pretty simple.

Bring it on mental diet, I’m ready!


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