Day 1,358 – Thankful for Life Lessons from SUP Yoga

One activity that lends itself very well to social distancing is Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. For the first time in many months I had the opportunity to participate in a real life yoga class again and it was AWESOME!!! Everyone was very spaced out from each other throughout the entirety of the class so it was great way to be able to have a class and stay very safe.

This was from last year’s SUP yoga – I still can’t believe I held wheel like that on a paddle board!

While out on the water there were so many moments when I caught myself chuckling, sometimes aloud. Throughout the entire practice there were little reminders of life lessons – many of which seemed very fitting in the moment for many reasons. Here are a small handful that really hit home:

  • Shift slowly – The more you move and adjust quickly the more likely you are to fall. Easy movements keep you dry.
  • Stillness is your ally – Balance is so much easier to keep when I quiet my mind and become still. The answers to challenges are right in front of me, slow down and let the clutter get out of the way.
  • Go with the waves – Certain forces are 100% outside of my control. Recognize the quickly and go with them as opposed to fighting them.
  • Trust in yourself – I can do this. I’ve done this before. The variables may be slightly different, but I know how to be successful. Trust myself.
  • Dissect your fear – Quite often I was nervous and that fear got in my way. What was I afraid of? When I really thought about it the worst thing that could happen was falling into water that comes up to my shoulders on a hot day. Did I mention the water was already very warm and refreshing? What was there really to fear? Why would I let it hold me back from anything?
  • Choose my attitude – During the practice there were three young men playing loud music, splashing around, and making all types of noise. For one nanosecond I was frustrated. That quickly changed and I choose an attitude of gratitude. With that change I was suddenly flooded back with memories of hanging out with my buddies during summers as kid. We had so much fun doing those exact things they were doing. I couldn’t help but smile when I heard something loud followed by a loud laugh from them. With the wrong attitude I heard noise, with the right attitude I heard joy and nostalgia.
  • Presence is the key – There were moments of pure bliss when I totally lost myself in the moment. I felt no worry, no expectations, and no fear. There was only life, love, and a deep appreciation of both in those moments.

So many beautiful lessons wrapped into an hour and a half of serenity. What a blessing it was to attend yoga today.


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