Day 1,357 – Thankful for Starting the Week with a Morning Run with Becky

Yeah, there are some activities in life that just never seem to get old. Waking up for an early morning run with Becky is one of them.

This morning the dogs were both exhausted from our time on the boat so we ran without them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy running with them, but it was a nice change of pace for the day. We didn’t have to stop multiple times along the way. There was no yelling to get them to stop sniffing. As I type this I have to admit I kind of missed that as well…

Not from this morning, but you get the idea 🙂

We ran further than normal and just chilled while we did. No rush, no stress. The sunrise was spectacular. The bright pinks combined with deep reds and dark purples. The wind created just enough ripples on the water to make them shimmer a silvery pink liquid metal. On the run back we stopped in our tracks to watch a bald eagle land on a branch almost directly above us. While we stopped and stared it started making it’s call. What a serene way to start off the morning!

There’s a lot to accomplish this week and starting it off with a peaceful run like that was about the most perfect start I could’ve asked for. Getting some exercise in right away in the morning. Spending time alone with Becky. Enjoying nature’s beauty. Yup, that was an awesome way to kick off the week!


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