Day 1,361 – Thankful for Heeding Wonderful Advice from Others & Extremely Hard Working Teams

Whew!!! This past week has been a wild one! Work life has been crazy busy. We’ve made several interesting changes and investments and are already seeing some things pay off. More importantly we can all feel the shifting momentum.

As of right now we have over 200 open jobs available in the Eau Claire, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, and Winona areas. Yes, you read the correctly; 200 jobs. The majority of these are for manufacturing and warehouse positions of many different skill levels. Almost all of these positions could lead to long term employment.

Surprisingly, somehow even in a recession we’re finding a shortage of people who are looking for employment. Had you asked me if this were possible even four months ago I would’ve struggled to find any possible way it could happen. Regardless, here we are now.

And that’s where my gratitude for today comes in. I’ve received some truly wonderful guidance, ideas, thoughts, feedback, and support from so many people over the past few weeks. The ideas and concepts piled up quickly but just as quickly started to blend together in actionable ideas that are very aggressive and yet very complete-able. My teams and I have put together some truly special solutions as a result.

Thanks to all of this great advice from so many we’re about to see some of the best progress we’ve seen in a very long time. As the pieces ad strategies all come together I’m so excited to be able to share the successes with all of those who helped to shape and create it. For clarity this includes all of my teammates as they not only helped in creating these ideas – they’ve been busting their butts to make it all happen. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to work with them!

Watch out world, there are some very exciting things happening in the world of employment!!!


PS – If you know of anyone who’s looking for a new career please send them over our way and we’d love to talk. We pay a $150 referral bonus directly to you after someone you refer works only 75 hours!

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