Day 1,344 – Thankful for Experiencing the Summer Storm Rolling In with My Family

Sooo… When I started this blog one of my intentions was to blog about something I’m thankful for each day. Preferably this would be only hitting a certain topic one time. Otherwise this blog may as well be entitled “Thankful4Lasagna.” For reals, I wanted to find something unique each day to be thankful for. My thought was that this would keep me focused on digging deep to find something I’m grateful for that I would normally missed.

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about some version of today’s post at leas a handful of times. To be honest, I really don’t care. Thunderstorms are freaking awesome. Period. If there’s a big boomer that I’m able to soak in the odds are high it will be mentioned. Which leads to today’s post.

Hmm… why did we turn around early?

Our post dinner walk was cut very short by the magnificent storm clouds rolling in from the north. There was a wide smooth band of clouds signaling the front and everything else flowed behind, not too dissimilar from a jellyfish. We’re a family who rarely says no to the opportunity to experience a storm’s entrance. We all grabbed a drink and headed out to the deck to take in the show.

There were clouds at one level moving west to east while another set moved from south to north. This was particularly wild as the storm clouds themselves were seething on a path from north to south. Clouds were a wide variety of colors from dark gray to blue to dark orange. There was even a small cluster of teal. I fired up a few songs to set the mood along with the thunder… Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Thunder Road by Springsteen. Hmm… almost like there was a theme? 😉

This really came after the dark blue picture above – how crazy is that???

The winds picked up and we watched the front coming right at us. The pressure of the air was totally intense. The strong wind rolled like a bank of fog from several houses down and hit us full on. Gavin and I toughed it out (we may not be the brightest of our household) and waited for the rain. I did the most gifting thing I could thing of in that moment. I fired up Thunderstruck again. As Angus hammered on his guitar the intensity picked up significantly. Out of nowhere the rain hit us as it defied gravity and went parallel to the ground! It was AWESOME!!!

In less than 10 minutes we experienced the temperature dropping by 23+ degrees. Yes, 95 right down to 72 in the blink of an eye. The winds hammered away at almost 30 mph. Did that stop us? Nope! Gavin and I went to the south doorway of our house and stood outside on the steps. The lateral trajectory of the rain missed us entirely as we watched the trees around us sway and bend way more than they had any right to.

I drew a huge breath in through my nose and savored that amazing smell, one of the best in the world. “Do you smell that Gavin? Summer storm. I wish I could get that as a body wash.” Without missing a beat Gavin asked if we could get in touch with the owner of Old Spice and pitch the idea to them. I love that kid!

We finally all ended up chilling in the living room watching the sheets of rain, the crazy wind, and the never-ending lightning. It was awesome. Nature’s beauty and fury all at once in one gnarly punch.

Experiencing that with my family is something I’ll definitely remember. This was a winner.


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