Day 1,345 – Thankful for the Metaphor of 2020 as a Storm

“Our time is too precious to waste on worry.”

The storm last night got my gears rolling. Yesterday during the day was hot, sunny, and wonderful out. Sure, it was hotter than blazes, but it was fantastic. Seemingly out of nowhere the clouds rolled in. In less than 20 minutes the temperature dropped by over 30 degrees. The lightning tore across the sky. The winds ripped through anything and everything that got in its way. Shortly after the storm blew through the the skies cleared up. The weather was even more perfect than it was before the storm. There was damage, but the world was still intact. It is changed, but it is still there.

When it became evident the storm was going to hit with full force I had a choice to make.

I could run to the basement, fear for the worst, and drive myself crazy with worry. It’d be so easy to think about all of the possible awful things that could happen and stew. I could be angry and think of how unfair it is that the storm is going to hit. If I chose the path of dark thoughts I could drive myself into a state of depression.


I could head out on the deck and take in the show. I could appreciate the sensations of the storm rolling in. I could take time to be thankful to be here to experience it. I could still stay safe and not put myself in harm’s way, but at the same time not worry. I could choose the path of gratitude, prepare myself and others for safety as best I could, and stay positive throughout the worst. If I live I can continue to find reasons to be thankful. If I don’t live the rest doesn’t really matter, does it? Either way, I can choose gratitude and purpose.

Regardless of what I chose, the storm was going to hit. My attitude wasn’t going to change it’s path or the destruction it left. There was not a single thing I could do to change the situation itself. What I could change was how I responded, the attitude I chose.

As with every struggle in life if I survive it I can learn from the storm. If I am alive I can find purpose in the storm. If I am breathing I can find beauty, even in the storm. So long as I am still on this earth I can choose the one choice any of us truly have to make, my attitude.

After the storm the clouds parted. The grass was a spectacular shade of green. The world smelled amazing. It was still a place of beauty. Yes, some things were broken. But if we survived it we had the opportunity to find beauty, purpose, gratitude, and joy in it. Some may have had to look for it harder than others, but it was still there to be found for everyone.

I had a choice to make when the storm rolled in. If I survive it I can learn from it, I can find beauty in it, and I can be thankful for it. My time is too precious to waste on worry.

I stayed outside and experienced the storm with no worry and found ways to be thankful for it.


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