Day 1,343 – Thankful for Heading Out for a Morning Run Even When I Really Just Want to Go Back to Sleep (& the Power of a Running Partner)

This morning I woke up feeling a little stiff. Nothing horrible, but everything just wasn’t quite moving right. After years of kicking the butt of my allergies this year they’ve mounted a comeback. While they haven’t knocked me down they certainly hit me with a doozy this morning. My nose was stuffy and runny and my lungs felt thick. Last night was a good night of sleep, but just not quite enough of it.

When the alarm blared the last thing I wanted to do was go out for a run. I wanted to go back to sleep. The bed wrapped me in a big old quilted hug that I didn’t want to be released from. Hmm… maybe just a few more minutes… NOPE!

Instead I got up, got dressed, and was ready to head out in a short period of time. The rust finally started to bust off after a mile or so. By the end it felt great to be out and moving. My morning was more productive thanks to the early morning run. I felt better after my run. Even if the world fell apart all around me today at least I was in control for a fleeting moment. I was presented with the choice of waking up and running or going back to bed. I felt accomplishment because of the run. Had I gone back to sleep I would’ve known that I didn’t run like I should have. Morning’s like this have a particularly high value to me.

Part of what made this morning possible was my running partner. Becky is going to run, come hell or high water. Period. While I don’t want to always rely on peer pressure to get myself moving it certainly does help knowing that someone else is sharing in the moment with me. While she would still run without me I have that little voice in my head saying that I would let her down by not running with her in addition to the voice telling me that I didn’t do what I should have done anyways. Yes, multiple voices in my head, all my own, all expressing their deep disappointment in myself. I’m thankful I skipped that this morning and just got moving!

Today the tired me was conquered by the gritty me and I’m thankful for that win. Sure, it was a battle and not the war, but it’s a start! Thanks again to Becky for being an awesome running partner. Her consistency helps the gritty me get up and moving in the morning.


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