Day 1,342 – Thankful for River Ingenuity and Perfect Deck Weather

Right after lunch today we headed out for some sunshine and time on the water. We brought the girls with us so we focused on finding a sandbar that was a little more isolated. Over the past couple of years we’ve found a spot that works out very well. It’s separated form the rest, big enough for only one group, and has some sandy and shallow stretches.

We got everything unloaded and the boys went to town figuring out where to secure their large floating pad. Within a matter of minutes they’d constructed what appeared to be a rope bridge from the mini-island to the shore. The pad was attached to the rope via a carabiner so it would slide from side to side. As they constructed it they even talked LuLu into helping out. Dominic swam out to the island, fixed the rope, and then tied the other end of the rope to a stick. He then got LuLu to fetch the stick and take it to Gavin. Talk about bonus entertainment!

Once all was said and done it was a pretty great idea they had. There were no issues with the pad floating away and they still had great range on the pad. I always love watching them come up with their own solutions like that. Showing their ingenuity on the river was pretty awesome.

The weather tonight was about the most perfect deck weather I could ever ask for. Now that the stain was dry we ate supper outside on the deck. We talked about the lighting I’m hoping to begin installing next weekend. There were a few family games played while we all chilled outside. Becky brought the girls’ bed also so they could join in the fun with us. It was borderline hot when we started eating and cooled to the point of sweatshirts by the time we came in. Having that extra time as a family is something I always appreciate. Enjoying that time in perfect deck weather made it all the more awesome.


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