Day 1,341 – Thankful for a Peace in the Present and Adding to the Vacation Playlist

My inner voice was largely quiet this morning on our bike ride. You know the voice. It’s the one that often interrupts your ability to stay in the moment. When it speaks it pulls you from the present into another place. Often this voice leads us to worry about what if’s and reminds us of stress. This voice kept it’s mouth shut for much of our bike ride today.

Many miles had passed in peace. The weather was perfect. The sun was bright and the temperature was great. We spent time talking while pedaling, we spent time in silence and thought. Everything was dang near perfect. There was an epic moment in which Becky interrupted the silence with a completely out of the blue “I love you.” The flowers were bright purple, the rest of the plants were bright green, and sky was a perfect blue. Imagine the perfect weather for a bike ride and that’s what we were blessed to experience.

Out of nowhere my brain went to thoughts of what is happening around the US. All of the anger and frustration. So much happening in the world all around us. Meanwhile we found quiet and peace in the present. When that inner voice spoke up and pointed out everything else going on it just got me thinking about a couple of things. Would everyone be better off with some time in nature enjoying perfect weather with loved ones? What if everyone took time to appreciate living in the moment and being thankful for all the beauty around them? Would many of the frustrations of all of us be overwhelmed by the beauty of life? For clarity, I’m not saying this would fix things already done, rather, would we all view each other from a very different view point of peace and love when we have calm, gratitude, presence, and love in our hearts.

Regardless, it left me with such a strange feeling of realizing that there was so much going on in the world around me and yet there was so much beauty, calm, and love in the present I was engrossed in. Which to focus my attention on? This is my choice, my decision… I chose the present and am thankful for every single moment of it.

Usually we bike in quiet and enjoy the sounds of nature and our own voices. Today I was in musical mood and had Pandora playing quietly in the background. There was a song I’d never heard before that caught my attention. The lyrics hit close to home and I immediately took a screenshot so as not to lose the song.

Coastline by Hollow Coves hit me in a way that caught me off guard. The lyrics of the song were perfect in so many ways for so many reasons. I quickly added it to my “Epic Vacation” playlist as it fits so beautifully well. Check it out here: Some of the lyrics that caught my attention include the following:

And there’s a place that I’ve dreamed of
Where I can free my mind
I hear the sounds of the season
And lose all sense of time

I’m moving far away
To a sunny place
Where it’s just you and me
Feels like we’re in a dream
You know what I mean

The summer air by the seaside
The way it fills our lungs
The fire burns in the night sky
This life will keep us young, yeah
Keep us young

And we will sleep by the ocean
Our hearts will move with time
And we will wake in the morning
To see the sun paint the sky

I’m moving far away
To a sunny place
Where it’s just you and me
Feels like we’re in a dream
You know what I mean

I’m always thankful for another beautiful song to add to the Vacation Playlist.


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