Day 1,293 – Thankful for Old Family Movies

It sure wasn’t a normal Easter Sunday, but it was a great day nonetheless. Much of the time was spent hanging out with each other at home. Becky made a delicious ham for lunch and we laughed the day away playing games and watching movies.

Interestingly, one of the parts of the day I’m most thankful for happened totally by accident. Due to some technical difficulties we had to pause our movie for a little while. In our attempts to fix the issue I stumbled upon some videos of the boys from a ways back.

Without a second thought we hit the Play All button and laughed at all the videos they’d created. It was wild seeing how much they’ve grown! Seeing them each day kind of numbs me to their growth but seeing them back then was a shock to the system. The best part was hearing their voices joke with each other and watching them do all types of crazy action as they ham it up for the camera together. What an awesome walk down memory lane! It was only fitting to find an “Easter egg” like that today. 😉

Happy Easter everyone!!!


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