Day 1,294 – Thankful for Drives Through the Snow Covered Coulees and Finding More Inspiration From Unlikely Sources

This morning I got to make an hour long drive time take care of some business. Talk about the perfect morning to do it; the sun was out and there was a fresh coat of snow on the bluffs. The route to my destination led me through some small county roads up and through the coulees. A couple of times I checked for traffic behind me, stopped, and took a few pics of the beautiful snow covered paradise all around me. There’s a magic to the rolling valleys in the Driftless when they have a light coat of snow on their trees.

Times like this make me chuckle. I know my words don’t even begin to do the natural beauty justice but I still try. I’ve already written and rewritten the paragraph above several times to attempt to better reflect the vistas, but I know it’s in vain. Just as is taking pictures of it; they just aren’t the same as experiencing it firsthand.

One of the blogs I follow often talks of “alive” time versus “dead” time. Alive time is when we are productive and truly living life. Dead time is the opposite when we’re doing something that truly doesn’t matter and contributes nothing. To help show that point from a very different angle today the author used a scene from Fight Club to show the difference between the two – how crazy is that? Even more crazy was just how well it really proved the point. Is life truly worth living if you only choose dead time? Knowing that we all only have a limited amount of time why would we all not want to maximize our alive time? This will be in my thoughts often over the next few days.


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