Day 1,292 – Thankful for Perfect Hiking Weather, Talking on Family Hikes, Leadership Lessons from Unexpected Sources, and a Day Full of Easter Thoughts

What an awesome day it’s been!  Shortly after writing this I’m going to head off to bed and sleep for most likely a very long time.  Ahh…

Somehow we totally lucked out with the weather.  We headed out to Wildcat Mountain State Park just before 7am to knock out the next of the hikes for Gavin’s Hiking merit badge.  Earlier in the week we were nervous that the weather was going to be brutal.  Somehow we hit the timing just perfect!  The weather was sunny and warm the entire time we trekked up and down the bluffs.  No wind, no rain, and no clouds – it was awesome!


During the hike I was thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my family.  Not only was there time with all of us talking as a group, but there were many moments in which we broke into smaller groups on the trail.  Gavin and I would shoot the bull for a while, then Dominic and I would get into a conversation.  Being able to have conversations with everyone together and individually was a great mix.

There were a couple of interesting leadership lessons that came up throughout the day.  They both came from interesting and unexpected sources.  The first came from Point Break, the 2015 version.  Yup, I just admitted it.  We were talking about a couple of things and one of the lines and concepts from the movie came up out of the blue.  As soon as it did my brain processed it in a slightly different way.  I’m interested to see where my brain goes with it.  The second came from the second chapter of Becky’s PhD dissertation.  She used an example of resilience that included a visual that hit home.  As she used the visual of a ball and cup showing stable state change something my brain took it to the world of leadership and team action.  Interesting stuff that definitely will take some time and thought to flesh out.  Wild to see where inspiration can come from sometimes!

All day long my brain has gone back to the story of Easter.  Between the days leading up to it and the days immediately after my head keeps spinning on the event.  It seems as if each year Easter really hits home for me a little more than in the previous years. Each thought seems to help me see ways I could improve how I live my life.  Wrapping up the evening with Easter vigil was a wonderful conclusion to the day.  More food for thought and prayer.  Just a hunch but I’m thinking the topic will be on my mind more tomorrow also.



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