Day 1,291 – Thankful for Ideas Still Ringing True Almost a Decade Later, Care Packs, Keeping Family Traditions, & Creating Personal Joy Through Sharing Gratitude

Speaking of family traditions I’m going to keep this one relatively short and sweet as we have something coming up in a little while.  I’m reminded of a post I wrote a while back, I write to bring more joy into my life, but not at the expense of missing life.

Yesterday we had an awesome conversation about how to communicate with all of our customers in these times and my head kept going back to an idea.  After getting off the phone the idea just kept growing and growing and then it hit me.  This morning I hopped online, found the video I was looking for and was amazed to see how it still holds up even almost a decade later.  If anyone wants to have a reading buddy for the book The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk shoot me a call, email, or text.  I’ll be firing that bad boy up again by the middle of next week.  To summarize the book, we must continue to find ways to out love our competition and go to our customers as opposed to pushing stuff at them.  Intrigued?  It’s a great book and it’d be fun to discuss as we read it together, just sayin’.  😉

I still remember getting care packs when I first went off to college.  There is one in particular that will forever live in my brain as the best care package ever with the greatest story about it – thanks again Grandma Lamping!!!  Today I got another care package courtesy of my buddy Grant – bread, beer, and puzzles!  How awesome is that?  Don’t worry, we totally practiced social distancing.  Grant, thanks again dude, the homemade bread was delicious!!!


Don’t worry, we’re not breaking social distancing or the safer at home protocols.  the pic above is from a couple of years ago.  One of the things that is so strange this year is staying home versus traveling to spend Easter with our family.  Instead of getting frustrated, we’re going to do the next best thing – hope online and do a Zoom Easter egg dyeing as a family!  Sure, it’s not the same, but I’m so thankful there’s a way for us to keep our family traditions.

Over the past four days I’ve spent time during my work day to give a quick video shout out to people I am thankful for.  Nothing fancy, no crazy graphics, and no scripts except the first one, but all from the heart and genuine.  This isn’t a plug for me or anything, but it is kind of selfishness.  It’s amazing how much better my attitude is when I do these.  Taking time to think about the person and why I’m thankful for them puts my head in such a great place.  Hearing the thank you’s back and the smiles just add to the joy I’ve felt from doing these.  If you’re in a funk this is one heck of a wonderful way to help raise your own spirits while also raising up someone else.  How awesome is that?


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