Day 1,290 – Thankful for the Writing a Blog Post Yesterday That Helped Me Today (and One of My Favorite Scenes from The Matrix)

This whole blogging everyday thing cracks me up some times.  Do you remember that scene in The Matrix when Neo goes into the home of the Oracle.  She says, “and don’t worry about the vase.”  Neo looks confused, says “What vase?” as he turns around, and knocks over the vase with his elbow.  “That vase,” she responds with a smile.  Later she tells him, “What’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?”


After today please consider my noodle totally baked, but not in a Colorado kind of way.  Would I have acted the way I did today had I not read my blog yesterday, or would I have written the blog today had I not written it yesterday?  Then I literally LOL and realize that The Big Dude Upstairs might be chuckling as my tiny human brain tries to figure out something that truly doesn’t matter.

It was interesting today to have my mind go back to last night’s blog post several times and through several interactions.  There were moments in which I wonder if people thought my screen froze as I paused and ran what I was about to do or say through the filter of yesterday’s blog.  Sometimes I smiled and then let the thought/action fly.  Other times I paused, chuckled to myself, looked up to the sky with gratitude, and then did the right thing.  I am quite positive I made several better decisions today specifically because of the thought process I went through from typing yesterday’s blog.

And that leads to what I am most thankful for today.  In taking time to write last night I took a spark of an idea that had been started and through writing it caught fire.  Today it was ablaze and helped me see my reality through a slightly different lens.  I can honestly say I had a significantly better day and lived closer into who I am called to be because of the thought process I went through in writing my blog last night.

Unlike most days, I have a little call to action for everyone who reads this.  If you would, please take a few moment before you go to bed or right away when you wake up and think about what you’re grateful for from the past 24 hours.  Grab a pen and paper or computer and write about it.  Share it if you’d like, keep it to yourself, save it in a journal, or crumple it up and throw it away when you’re done.  You do you.  But take the time to actually write/type about what you’re thankful for.  This action will force your brain to get more detailed and specific.  As you noodle on it I can almost guarantee you’ll find even more of it, you’ll learn from it, and you’ll change your environment around you within the next 24 hours.  I swear, talk about an easy way to start and end your day with extreme joy.  Please, try it.  If it doesn’t work I promise I’ll give you all the money back you paid me for consulting fees for this last paragraph 😉


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