Day 1,263 – Thankful for Remembering to Control What You Can Control; Be the Light

The world certainly has changed in a big hurry today, hasn’t it?  When talking with friends and Dominic my mind is struggling to fully comprehend just how many things have jumped the tracks.  And how many of those things are under our control?

Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.

We have no way to control or change the world around us.  It is happening and there’s nothing we can do about it, right?  Hmm…  That’s not quite true either.  There is something very much under our control.

Be the light.

You could look around and say these are dark times.  So much panic, fear, anger, and hysteria.  There are so many unknowns.  You can’t seem to go more than a few minutes without something else striking you.  If you take a moment to soak it in and dive into the news it is so easy go completely unhinged and lose yourself in a downward spiral of confusion, depression, and fear. or…

Be the light.

So many people are nervous, scared, frightened, and so unsure of what to do next.  Do you know what would help them?  Someone to be the voice of calm.  Someone who helps them smile.  Someone who reminds them that cooler heads will prevail and all will be well.

Be the light.

In order to avoid the crowds Becky and I went shopping early this morning; after our run and before work.  We knew we only needed our normal groceries and a couple of non-perishable extras in case the boys didn’t have school.  When we were in the produce section a nice lady pulled up alongside of us and looked at the little pile of bananas that were left.  “Are we supposed to stock pile those too?  I don’t think they’ll last.”  I  smiled and assured her she didn’t need to buy extra.  Her face had a serious and concerned look on it and the giant couple of packs of toilet paper told me all I needed to know.  “Aren’t you nervous,” she asked me.  I gave her the biggest smile I had and spoke from my heart. “No, it will all be okay.  We all just need to stay calm, take a deep breath, and know we’ll all be alright.”  With that she smiled, looked more assured, and thanked me.

It really hit me in that moment what she needed.  It wasn’t stuff or supplies.  She just needed assurance, love, confidence, and fellowship.  All she needed was for someone to be the light and to smile and help her smile.

Over the next few days I’ll continue to look for ways to be the light for others.  I am choosing an attitude of peace, optimism, and joy.  Whatever is thrown my way I will take with a smile.  If I have a curveball thrown my way I’ll appreciate it as it is proof that I’m still alive, I still have that ultimate gift.  I’ll focus on what I can learn from that curveball and see how I can change and adapt to not be thrown off by it again.  I will be thankful for what I have learned from it and take joy in knowing that I’ve found a way to turn an obstacle into the way.

I can not control what is happening around me.  I cannot control the virus, the responses to it, the cancellations, the volatility of the stock market, or anything else related to those things.

I can control keeping myself healthy.  By focusing on ways to stay healthy I am in the best position I can be to help others.  If I let stress win I am unable to serve others or myself.  I can do much to keep myself healthy.

I can control my calmness.  Instead of making knee jerk reactions I can take a deep breath and think.  I can make sure I have all the data needed to act correctly.  I can make sure I know how much time I have to make a decision and force a decision if one must be made by a certain time.  I will not panic, I can control my calmness.

I can control my mindset.  It is up to me to look at each setback and challenge and determine what I can learn from it.  Each obstacle will make me stronger as I grow and learn from the experience.  The experience may not be pleasant, possibly quite terrible, but it is up to me to find the meaning in it.  Regardless of what the challenge is I am in control of my ability to be thankful for it.  I control my mindset.

I can be the light.

The situation we are experiencing together is dark.  The world needs light.  Be the light.  Remember to control what you can control and be the light that others need so desperately right now.  Let your light shine and it will ignite the light of others.



PS  For clarity, I know this post has flexed between the words “you,” “us,” and “I.”  This wasn’t intended as a me telling the world how to be type of post.  Rather, it is written by myself to myself.  It’s a reminder to me of what I need to do.  I know I must be the light.  Sometimes it is going to be hard to do that.  Like others I can get caught up in the hoopla and get nervous and scared like everyone else.  This post is something I plan on going back to when I have moments of weakness like that.  I cannot control what happens around me.  I can control how I respond to it.  I can choose to be the light.

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