Day 1,261 – Thankful for Running In and With Wildlife and Re-Reading the Right Book at the Right Time

This morning we went out for our normal run just a short distance from our house. Technically it is still in town but it truly feels more like being out in the wild. There are no houses, only a couple of small buildings. Other than the lights from the airport there’s only the light from the moon and stars. It’s quiet, peaceful, and we run along both the river and the woods. Dang near perfect peace to start the day.

We had a bit of a surprise visitor running at the same time we did today. Skywalker had just gotten to the beach when out of nowhere we saw a shape gliding across the sand. In the light of the moon we saw a coyote running full speed back to the woods. It was a surreal sight as it ran so fluidly and silently back into the woods. Thank goodness it stayed away from Skywalker and she didn’t chase after it too much.

Put together the quiet and serene time in nature with the experience with a coyote and it was a beautiful way to start the day.

Over the past few years there’ve been a pretty sizable handful of books that have made a significant impact in my thought process, attitude, and actions. This morning I realized that there was one in particular that would be just what the doctor ordered and I was dead on.

This is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve read it and each time I pick up a little more. I’ve also noticed just how many portions I’ve already taken to heart and have been weaving into my life. Funny how incremental changes can really start to add up!


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