Day 1,260 – Thankful for an Awesome Memory of Working with Dad

There are many days in our lives when we can look back and remember the day completely. Once in a while we stumble upon a lone memory that sends the synapses firing on all cylinders and a flood of awesome memories come crashing in.

One picture did just that for me today. In a flash I remembered almost all of March 10, 2011. That was the day Dad came to town and we started remodeling the kitchen.

Most of the morning was spent tearing out the old cabinets. I still remember a few of the conversations we had while we tore them out. There were a few moments that really stick out as well.  One of my favorites was when Dad was giving me a hard time about pulling out a specific cabinet.  After a while I let him tag in.  Lo and behold – he couldn’t get it right away either!  Next thing I knew we were giggling like little kids while we tried and failed to take it out.  By the time we finally got it out we found it had been nailed in at about every possible angle through each and every possible layer.  It was a blast!

No pics of Dad and I from that day, but here are some of the results as we worked.

Throughout that day we spent time working together on putting in cabinets.  I learned so much from my time with him that day.  At one point we’d installed one cabinet upside down and had to replace it.  He helped me see how minor little changes could make all the difference; like finding the perfect shelf to slide in at eye level and to hide the worst looking one way down on the bottom.

We accomplished way more than I expected and it was so awesome to see the tangible progress.  The best part though was the time we had joking and laughing together.  There were so many projects we worked on together like the this.  So many wonderful times together.  How blessed I am to have created so many memories with him.

Today I am so thankful for that memory of working with Dad that popped up.  My heart had been filled with joy all day long as I’ve kept thinking about our time together nine years ago.


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