Day 1,259 – Thankful for Triple Decker Forts and Great Teacher Conferences

Just a week or two ago I was talking with some of my teammates about the triple decker fort the boys and I made in our living room many years ago.  Guess what popped up in my “On This Day” feed…

472475_10150658838879857_1526048050_o 2

I still smile when I see that picture and think back to how much fun we had.  It probably wasn’t necessarily the safest thing I’ve ever done, but we had a blast and all survived.  What an awesome random memory!


We had the boys’ parent teacher conferences and it was great to hear how well they are doing.  The grades thing is cool of course, but I was most happy with hearing how well they are doing as classmates and students.  It warms my heart to have independent validation that both of the chuckle heads above are turning into great kids.


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