Day 1,226 – Thankful for Saving Up Gift Cards for Years & the People Who Gave Them to Me

Today I finally cashed in many of the gift cards I’ve received over the past few years. Whether they were for Christmas, my birthday, Father’s Day, or whatever they were all cashed in this evening. As I added them to the payment I smiled and thought back to the people who gave them to me.

Usually I’m much more frivolous with my gift cards. I use them up almost immediately on things that are top of mind. A while back I’d shared with Becky how badly I wanted to get a new table saw and she suggested I save up gift cards to help pay for it. She had a pretty great idea so I stuck with it. Whenever I got a gift card (for somewhere besides Amazon, cuz I’m totally spending those immediately 😉) I added it to the box and smiled. Each one that went in got me closer to the table saw.

The big day was today and I placed my order. Thanks to the hoard I’d saved up the overwhelming majority of it was paid for – woo hoo!!! This bad boy is going to find a home in my workshop soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s given me a gift card over the past few years, this post wouldn’t have happened without you!

Thank you to Becky for the great idea of saving them up for one big purpose!

Hey me, thanks for gritting it out and practicing delayed gratification… it was well worth it!


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