Day 1,225 – Thankful for the Greatest Yoga Phrase I’ve Ever Heard

My apologies in advance to Uncle Buster. He once recommended that I not swear in my blog and for the most part I’ve been able to honor his request. Sorry Uncle Buster, it needs to happen tonight 😉

After yoga the same scene happens after each practice. Some people get to the cubbies first to get their winter clothes on while other people wait until they’re out of the way. Everyone is always super polite and peaceful. The people in front hustle and do their best to make room for the others. Those waiting totally understand and are very chill. It’s a pretty awesome version of the humanity I wish I could bring to each and every moment of my life regardless of my stress level in that moment.

Tonight was very similar to the normal post-yoga routine. One of the first people changing saw someone waiting behind her and asked if she was in his way. At first he said no to be polite, but then realized it was pretty obvious and he then said yes. Almost immediately after he said “yes” he followed it up with, “it’s totally okay…” in a super polite tone. And then he dropped what I feel is the greatest yoga phrase I’ve ever heard…

“I’m all namaste and shit.”

Totally flat tone, meaning every word of it in a positive and respectful way. It was AWESOME!!!

Amen brother; that’s how I feel after yoga too!!!

I’m still chucking about it as I write this. So why am I thankful for it? Over the past few weeks there’ve been some pretty stressful moments. Over the next few weeks there are bound to be several more. When one of those moments arise I’m totally going to close my eyes for a moment and hear that phrase in my head. You might even see my lips moving in a way that says, “I’m all namaste and shit.” I can guarantee I’ll then smile, take a deep breath, and feel much more at peace and in control of my emotions.

Ahh… I’m totally all namaste and shit. 😊


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