Day 1,224 – Thankful for a Commercial that Got Me Thinking and a Memorable Smile

If you were trying to remember some of your favorite thoughts, memories, and mannerisms of a loved one what would come to mind?

While watching the Super Bowl last night there was a commercial that left me looking for the person who was starting to cut onions. The commercial named “Loretta” was one of the most powerful commercials I’ve seen in a long time. You can check it out here if you’d like. If you haven’t seen it yet I’d recommend checking it out prior to reading further.

As the narrator is talking about his love, Loretta, he goes through so many memories. A couple were big milestones, but the majority were all of the little things that make up the big thing. As I watched my head started to put myself into the narrator’s role. If it were me what would be the things I’d want to remember about Becky?

We’ve created so many awesome memories together that for the shortest of seconds I thought I’d be overwhelmed with too many memories. As it turned out there was one specific one that immediately came to mind. Then another, and then another. Three specifically came first and they all had a common trait, her smile. After the flood gates of memories opened after those three I was awash in excellent memories.

The third moment that came to mind was when she saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. I’ll never forget the huge smile and wave of emotion on her face in that moment.

The second memory was when she smiled across the church at me when I fell head over heels for her. That moment lit up my heart.

The first? When we went for a hike on a glacier in the Canadian Rockies I was shooting some video of our time on the ice and happened to catch my favorite mental image of Becky. She’s looking to all the beauty around her with curiosity, passion for nature’s beauty, and pure joy. At one point she looks at her feet for a second and then looks back up and all around her again. That smile and look on her face is one of the biggest reasons I love her so much. Still makes me smile so many years later!

Thank you Google for creating a commercial that hit me right in the feels, reminded me of some of my favorite moments with Becky, and that still has my heart filled with joy so many hours later.


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