Day 1,227 – Thankful for Taking Time to Think Before Posting and the Winter Sun

This morning before I got out of bed I grabbed my phone and for some reason decided to check Facebook. I’ve been working on weening myself off of Facebook over the past few months so I was even more surprised at my initial movement this morning.

As I scrolled through the newsfeed quickly I caught something that got me upset. Nothing crazy, but just one of those posts in which someone didn’t think all the way through (I’m hoping so anyways). My first reaction was to start typing a scathing response helping them see how they were totally stereotyping a group of people and missing the point of the post itself. Taking that type of action would have been so easy. Jump right in, take the gloves off, and hide behind the toughness of the screen. Really, how easy is it to just fire away with comments?

Then I took a deep breath and thought for a moment. If I truly care about the individual would I feel right having that conversation face to face or would I change the delivery? Why resort to taking action on this when I could have a much better conversation with them in person? As I saw it I had a choice to make, how to respond.

I’m thankful for taking that moment to think first as opposed to just reacting. Over the next few weeks I’ll most likely have that conversation with them in person and we’ll see how it goes. I can guarantee that it will go better than an off the cuff Facebook response would have.

Throughout the day I caught myself enjoying the sunshine. Ahh… At one point I even had the moon roof open and was letting the sun beat down directly onto my face while I was driving. It was glorious! For a moment I could’ve swore I was sitting by the beach in the summer. Then I quickly remembered what season it was and took time to enjoy the way the sunlight was making the snow a beautiful dazzling white. It was awesome! Sunshine is always wonderful, but there’s a different type of wonderful in the winter. Today I was thankful for the winter sun, it had me smiling all day.


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