Day 1,217 – Thankful for Learning From the Boys’ Strengths

Not too long ago I wrote about being thankful for my changing perspective on why I appreciate giving advice. Tonight it was a similar thought process as I saw both of the boys living into some of their strengths. There was a sense of pride that was intermingled with a sense of learning.

Dominic has been doing a ton of homework lately. After he was done tonight I asked if he was going to have that much all week. His response was, “no, tonight I finished my project that’s due on Friday.” From that I was reminded of two great things, hard work and being proactive. In my head I immediately took it to heart and applied it to situations I currently have and how I can perform at my best.

Gavin was in a bummer of a mood after basketball practice. I let him be in the dumps for a while and then reminded him that he has a choice to make. Be happy or be in the dumps. Which one would it be? He flipped the switch and went to a great mood immediately (until we, the mean parents we are, made him go to bed). Watching Gavin flip the script and choose to be happy, wholeheartedly, was awesome. I started thinking about times over the past couple of days when I should have been that decisive in choosing my attitude. He reminded me that i have the power to choose at any time.

Funny how I’m learning from my boys! It seems like it should be the other way around, but in reality I should be learning from everyone I interact with so why would they be excluded?


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