Day 1,216 – Thankful for Summer Planning, Walking with Becky, and the Sting of Missed Opportunities

It is crazy to be thinking of summer plans already, but that’s something g we’ve been doing a lot over the past week or so. Between events and stuff for the kids, time with family and friends, and even an adventure or two there’s a lot we like to pack in… and that’s not even including quiet weekends with no agenda. Taking time to figure it all out and get the most important stuff locked in first helps us make the most of our limited time.

Not only does the planning help for organization, it gets me excited for the summer and what we can expect. Just talking about what we’ve got on the docket for the summer has me feeling warm and happy on a cool and cloudy winter day.

Much of the conversation of planning today was had while walking the dogs with Becky. I know I’ve written about it before but I’m so grateful for our walks together. The runs are awesome too, but the walks seems to involve a little more conversation (I’m not breathing nearly as hard as during the run) and are more relaxed. With all the crazy in our lives it’s nice to have some time to just the two of us to reconnect, plan for the future, and strategize how to tackle the next week. Heck, we even just shoot the bull sometimes!

The other thing I’m thankful for is not one that I’m proud of, but one that I’m still very thankful for. I didn’t live into the best version of me today, not by a long shot. There were several missed opportunities I had to step up and I didn’t. While they still sting a bit as I lay in bed and blog I’m thankful for the knowledge that I could have done better.

Some days I feel very confident that if it were my last day I’d be ending on a high note. If today was my last one it’d be a bit disappointing. That sting of knowing that I screwed up will motivate, push, and drive me to do a better job of closing the gap this week. Long story short I need to remember to focus where I need to be and be intentional with my time and attention. I will do better tomorrow and have already started charting a course for a better day and week.


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