Day 1,218 – Thankful for Early Morning Motivation Lasting All Day and a Unique Concert Experience

While on the treadmill this morning I fell back on an old standby favorite of mine. I put in my headphones and watched the 2018 Ironman World Championship. To see people pushing themselves to the brink as they swim 2.4 miles, hike 112 miles, and then run a marathon is a wonderful source of motivation. Watching them crush the previous record and do all that in less than 8 hours is mind blowing.

Hearing the stories of some of the other competitors? That’s where the truly powerful stuff comes from. The 85 year old man who completed the entire event. The brother who pulled and pushed his quadriplegic brother the entire way (& vice versa). Those stories are powerful.

Then there are the stories that hit a little too close to home. The stories that add more reality than I’d like to the powerful motivation. An older brother who was completing this race to complete the dream of his little brother who died tragically. His story and the way he tells it hits too close to the heart. A husband and wife who find she has brain cancer but are able to tackle it and have two boys… only to have it come back… and find that their one year old son also has it… and then the mother passes away… and then the son passes away months later. He completes the race as she wanted him to do and walks off after the finish line with his son. Talk about emotion first thing in the morning.

All of these moments and a few others throughout the day today reminded me to focus on what’s truly important and to be 100% present where I need to be. Each moment that passes by is one less moment we each have on Earth and one less that we have with our loved ones. This motivates me as I’m reminded to be so very grateful for all the blessings in my life and to appreciate each wonderful moment I have.

The stories from above of the brother and the husband also remind me that it is up to each of us to find a way to continue to live through hardships, no matter how great. No matter what is thrown our way we can find the inner strength to live on. There’s also a beautiful peace of mind in knowing that should something unexpected happen to me my loved ones will find the same inner strength and live on. My faith also strengthens those beliefs and brings me great inner peace as I know we will all see each other again one day regardless of when each of days on Earth are complete.

Whew!!! That ended up going way deeper than I was thinking it would. I could add another gratitude in here for being thankful for blogging each day. It really helps me work some stuff out.

Gavin looks way too serious and Dominic is messing around. Nothing like a little role reversal!

On a much more positive and lighthearted note, I’m also thankful for a moment we shared with the boys tonight. The middle and high school bands got together for a concert tonight. For the first time ever we got to see both boys on stage for the first time! Kinda… We could necessarily see them both at the same time as we had to crane our necks one way to see Dominic and then another to see Gavin. Anyways, they were both on stage and playing together. It was so cool seeing them both doing something they enjoy so much! Seeing each of them do their thing is awesome, but seeing them do something together is about as awesome as it gets!


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