Seven years ago today I experienced the most vivid rainbow of my entire life.  My apologies in advance to my buddy Jeremy.  He’ll be the first to remind me that the first rule of Rainbow Club is you do not talk about Rainbow Club.  Sorry dude, I’ve got to share this one.

While others in our vacation party were chilling Jeremy and I decided to head off and have some fun in the Jeep we’d rented.  We drove down some crazy kinda dirt roads, along the coast, and then down a tiny almost fire lane of a road.  After turning a corner we jammed on the brakes when we saw this:


Yup, that was the most gnarly, little, and vivid rainbow EVER!  It was wild!!!  We could see both ends of it.  As you’ll note one end was on the road not too far in front of us.  I kid you not, at one point a car drove through the rainbow!  It was ridiculous!  I’m still not quite sure just how the lighting and everything was perfect to cause it to be both so bright and so tiny.  There’s a very distinct second rainbow underneath it, and if you look closely enough there’s even a hint of at least a third as well.



We were both at a loss for words when we saw it.  The pure beauty of it was mind-blowing.  The colors, the size, the way you could see the ends, it was amazing! For reals, it was the coolest rainbow I’ve ever seen.  When someone says “rainbow” it is what comes to mind.

When we got back to the house we were giddy with excitement to share the story.  As you can probably imagine, and were possibly already thinking as you read this, there were several snickers and jokes – most of which involving questions about what types of drugs we must have found and consumed.  Full disclosure – none.

To this day we still joke about Rainbow Club.  Other friends have shared the video of the “Double Rainbow Guy” and said that’s exactly how I sounded.  As I type this I had to fire up the video; Becky immediately reminded me that it’s exactly how we sounded.  While I know it sounds ridiculous, I really don’t mind.  That was the greatest rainbow this dude has ever experienced!


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